Zukunftsmagie is the corporate presence of an eccentric Dalkhrovan mastermind devoted to unusual technologies. It is through Zukunftsmagie that this mysterious scientist, known only as Herr Wohltäter, unleashes infernal devices and strange discoveries on an unsuspecting world. It has a single office and research facility, located unobtrusively in Nachtstadt. Despite this, it deals with factors, import/exporters, scientists, and academic institutions worldwide. (Exception: Zukunftsmagie will not deal with Dalkhrovan unificationists or their organizations.)

It also employs freelance investigators (read "industrial spies"), provides corporate grants to needy academics, and donates impressive technological products to charities, in lieu of cash. Zukunftsmagie will offer employment, money, or patent royalties to any qualified practitioner of "unorthodox science" that it finds out about. However, if rebuffed, it can become hostile - to the point of theft, assault, arson, or exuberant demolitions.

Speculation on the nature of Zukunftsmagie rages: is it a shell company, used to launder alchemically created heavy metals? Or a holding corporation with extensive interests in the steam, calculation engine, etheric, and materials science industries? Or simply a source of income to underwrite the Herr Wohltäter's experiments?