Home Raha
Gender female

Yurisima is a unique creation, made by assembling portions of the corpses of dead women and animating the resulting form with an incredibly intense magnetic field. She looks awkward and ill-formed in places, being assembled from imperfectly matched body parts. A physical examination would reveal traces of suturing and boundaries between tissue from different sources. However, she lacks certain human inhibitions and thus has an inexplicable physical appeal to many men - including her creator, the Grand Vizier Hassam Rukhali, who isn't sure what to make of his feelings.

The process that created Yurisima overcharged her with vital energy beyond the common measure. This is manifested not only in superb health and vitality but also in charisma. She is only a few months old (but appears to be around 25 years old) and has not fully mastered the use of language, but she possesses a lively intelligence and is eager to learn.

She is currently a possession of the Sultan Jal Halaam of Jamzodeh in the Kaspari Empire.