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The Veldt is an immense plateau, mostly covered in savanna, scrubland, and scattered deserts. In the past decade, the nations of Aveir, Barlovia, Coreune, Hallandy, and Turlona have competed for the control of colonies on the Veldt, seeking to exploit the region's gold, diamond, and copper mines; establish coffee plantations; and discover other hidden resources.

Aside from the harsh deserts of Taribeland, the entire coastline of the Veldt has been colonized. However, much of the center of the region is unexplored. Recent expeditions deep into Nasaviland and Zamluno have added those regions to the map, but large parts of Koswebe and Taswane have never been seen by nonnative eyes.


Sheer cliffs and escarpments separate the plateau from the narrow coastal strip. Only in Taribeland and parts of Tanyaka and Lupa Mar is the coastal plain of any significant size. On the plateau, grassy savannas run from horizon to horizon, interrupted only by the occasional marshy river valley. A series of low mountain ranges runs through the center of the plateau, and ridges of rocky outcroppings surround these ranges.

A range of higher mountains runs along the Veldt's northern shore. Inland of these mountains is a prominent rift valley, studded with volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, obsidian domes, and other geothermal features. The coast of Taribeland is a hot and sandy desert that is almost uninhabitable. Inland of Taribeland, the desert turns rocky and is scattered with salt pans and dry lakes.

Colonies on the VeldtEdit

Name Colony of Area (sq. miles) Population Capital Ruler
Ashmamwea Coreune 193,260 Rumoka
Basu Khosari Barlovia 583,340 283,650 Sally Bay
Kotot Coreune 226,860 Tusafe
Lupa Mar Aveir 188,080 1,553,900 Ensala
Mafosaland Hallandy 576,190 Kealings City
Mameli Turlona 22,150 88,230 Porto Vorlan
Pashele Coast Turlona 29,780 Zi Swangara
Sotocani Aveir 45,110 Sotocani
Tanyaka Barlovia 605,070 Helensport

Other Regions on the VeldtEdit

Name Area (sq. miles) Population
Koswebe 350,000 1,127,000
Taribeland 293,290 111,350