Uhsim Bhatt
Uhsim Bhatt
Home Jeyahan
Gender male
Born 1501
Age in 1556 55
Languages Raumdari

Uhsim Bhatt is a Karaslaa imam who trained in Qadat. Dispatched to the city of Beynoq to serve the faithful there, he was captured by Sufah Garrial en route. Though quite understandably upset at the time, he has since found his services are needed much more desperately by the people of the islands of Basradi. His main work is with the children, who often need a protector in the violent society of the corsairs. He hopes to bring them to true Enlightenment so that this next generation can work to bring Jeyahan to accept a place among the other Enlightened cities of the Kaspari Empire.

Black haired and black eyed, tall and grossly overweight, Bhatt nevertheless seems stately rather than monstrous, thanks to his calm, thoughtful manner and the careful attention he pays to his personal grooming. His soft, resonant voice makes everything he says seem so reasonable that he rarely has to resort to using physical persuasion (a right hook that can reportedly "smash through a ship's hull"). He has been accorded a place on the Jeyahan Council because Garrial saw the use in having his wisdom at their disposal; he can often point out a disastrous course of action to the other members before they try to implement it (and often does dissuade Akbar in-Salaan from his more foolish plans).

One of Bhatt's accomplishments was to persuade the council to award him with the initial funds to build a mosque in Jeyahan. It has become the tradition that Bhatt will take in any children who come to him and claim they want sanctuary with him. To a lesser extent, he has also been able to offer safety to people who want to avoid a fight in which they are likely to be killed. Bhatt listens to the stories of all those who seek shelter with him and decides on a course of action based upon what he hears. Someone who has just cheated people in the market, then sought to hide from the just wrath of his or her customers will find little sympathy from Bhatt and had best be prepared to make restitution, but those in true need are never turned away.

The rise of the Ya-Yanan Cult in Jeyahan has been reflected in a number of disappearances, particularly among young people. Bhatt is incensed by this tragedy, and would greatly reward any who can solve the disappearances and remove the cult.