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Government Republic

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Turlona is a small but highly technologically advanced nation on a peninsula located north of Aveir and west across the sea from the Kaspari Empire. While Turlona's population is significantly less than that of the other colonial powers, its army and air force are incredibly powerful and modern. Turlona is the most prominent colonial power in the Sabo Jungles, and its empire also extends to the Veldt and the Attamat Islands.


Technology is a way of life in Turlona. Most people own a motorcar to take advantage of the nation's system of paved highways, tunnels, and viaducts. Rail lines connect all the major cities, and Turlona's legendary airship fleet makes travel to distant lands easy. Advancements in medical technology have led to increased lifespans for Turlonans. Servant-robots throughout the land take care of menial tasks.


Turlona's military forces center around their powerful airship fleet. The discovery of immense sources of lift gasses in Turlona's colonies in the Sabo Jungles have powered this fleet, while the other colonial powers search for other sources or purchase lift gasses from Turlona to catch up. In addition to the fleet, the military makes use of a large number of steam-powered robots, and the construction of immense mechanized battle-droids has commenced.


Turlona lies on a peninsula jutting northward from Aveir, between the Parlanic Sea and the Thalassian Sea. The peninsula has very little flat land; much of the terrain consists of a series of parallel ridges running north-south, with sharp ridgelines, steep dropoffs, and deep valleys. The valleys are typically lined with cropfields and villages, while the ridges are thickly forested.

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