Tismidan Jungles

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The Tismidan Jungles are the extensive rainforests set between Rakat and Saldonia on the western continent. Little is known about the interior of the jungles, and reports from the few explorers to make it out of the jungles describe a bizarre and incredibly dangerous landscape. Much of the region is claimed by Aveir, although no settlements have been established.


The eastern coasts of the Tismidan Jungles feature extensive mangrove marshes stretching as much as 200 miles inland. These flooded forests, which are dense with biting insects, poisonous snakes and lizards, and cannibalistic headhunting natives, have prevented much exploration of the interior. Reefs along the coast further prevent safe landing.

Inland of the marshes, a tropical rainforest covers the vast plain. This forest is incredibly thick with vegetation at ground level; this vegetation severly impedes travel. The native population of the rainforest lives primarily in the middle layer of the forest, between 10 and 60 feet above ground. Native villages consist of treehouses and rope bridges, often at multiple levels. Dinosaurs continually crash through the underbrush.

At the western edge of the forest, a volcanic range of mountains is studded with the stone temples and pyramids of the Hazisi. These natives are the de facto rulers of the jungle, although their reach does not extend much past the foothills of the mountains. The Hazisi worship a race of strange humanoids that are said to descend from the sky in vast metal ships.