The Chuff
Area 1.35 sq. miles
Population 149,940

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A man came yesterday from the Chuff with an account of that district. They are all weavers, forming a sort of separate community; there they are born, there they live and labour, and there they die. They neither migrate nor change their occupation; they can do nothing else. They have increased in a ratio at variance with any principles of population, having nearly tripled in twenty years. They are for the most part out of employment, and can get none. Thousands are crammed into the poor house, five or six in a bed. The parish is in debt; every day adds to the number of paupers and diminishes that of ratepayers. These are principally small shopkeepers, who are beggared by the rates. The district is in a complete state of insolvency and hopeless poverty, yet they multiply, and while the people look squalid and dejected, as if borne down by their wretchedness and destitution, the children thrive and are healthy. Government is ready to interpose with assistance, but what can Government do? We asked the man who came what could be done for them. He said ‘employment’, and employment is impossible.

The Chuff is Norrilund's most notorious slum. Numerous blind courts and alleys form a densely-crowded district; among its inhabitants may be found street vendors of every kind of produce, travellers to fairs, tramps, dog-fanciers, dog-stealers, men and women sharpers, shoplifters and pickpockets. Its streets abound with young foreigners from Tashakda, and its outward moral degradation is at once apparent to any one who passes that way. Here the police are certain to be found, day and night, their presence being required to quell riots and to preserve decency. Sunday is a day much devoted to pet pigeons and to bird-singing clubs prizes are given to such as excel in note, and a ready sale follows each award. Time thus employed was formerly devoted to cock-fighting.

The most prominent landmark in the Chuff is Spinnard's Castle, the home of a wealthy madman.


Several distinct neighborhoods are found in the Chuff. Starting in the north, the Medley neighborhood is probably the most well-off part of the district, although that is not saying much. South of Medley is Scartown, which is the heart of the district and the most destitute of slums. Across the canal from Scartown are Codham and Bartholomew, in which one of Norrilund's main rail stations can be found. The outlying neighborhoods of New Lox, Far Chuff, and Tar Cross are at the south end of the district.