Sufah Garrial
Sufah Garrial
Home Jeyahan
Gender female
Born 1489
Age in 1556 67
Languages Raumdari

Sufah Garrial is one of the legendary figures of the islands of Basradi. She controls much of the tavern trade in Jeyahan, and any shops which she herself does not own must pay a small gratuity for permission to exist. Garrial is in her late sixties, though except for a graying at the temples, she does not show her age. Most people assume she guards her looks with some form of alchemical potion purchased from her contacts in Dalkhrova.

During her years at sea, Garrial raided up and down the coast of the Kaspari Empire. For a decade she worked out of a pirate base on a movable mechanical island. Then an attack by Qadat's mamluks sank the base, dragging much of her treasure to the bottom. Her hatred for the slave-soldiers and their minions knows no bounds, and foes who seek to infiltrate Jeyahan had best know that every tavern has Garrial's spies.

Garrial now serves as the unofficial head of the Jeyahan Council and owns or controls most of the taverns in Jeyahan, and on the islands of Basradi. Any taverns in Jeyahan which she does not own must pay her a small fee for permission to conduct business. Whether she owns a particular tavern or not, Garrial has spies in all of them. They subtly listen to conversations, buy drinks for and chat with newcomers (the better to extract information under the guise of taking a friendly interest in the latest news or local gossip), and in general notice anything that might be of interest to Garrial.

Aside from her spies, Garrial also employs 30 corsairs as personal guards at her compound outside the city walls; these can serve as sailors when needed. Should she need them, many of her old crew members would respond to Garrial's call, and most of the people of Jeyahan would fight to protect her as well, since they would be defending one of their own legends. Her current favorite is a handsome young outlander captain named James Dighan.

Her boldness and knowledge of the sea are surpassed only by her beauty. Allegedly in her sixties, Garrial retains her youthful looks except for a little graying at the temples. She is a striking woman with black hair and intelligent brown eyes. Her face is angular and her trim figure is well muscled. Most people assume she guards her looks through some form of alchemical potion purchased from her contacts in Dalkhrova. She still wears the blouse, pantaloons, and tall black boots favored by most of the active corsair captains and disdains the use of a veil except in bad weather. She always carries her sword and jambiya with her and wears a set of golden bracelets which are intricately decorated.