Siamoy Atoll
Latitude 1°17'E
Longitude 1°28'S
Area 2 sq. miles
Siamoy Atoll is a small coral atoll located northwest of the island of Fomal in the Turlonan colony of Bianni. It consists of a handful of sandy cays overgrown with palm trees surrounding a beautiful blue lagoon. While there is evidence that Siamoy Atoll was populated at some point in the past (probably by shipwreck survivors), it is currently unpopulated.


As ships heading north from Fomal are hesitant to pass through the rock-strewn Fomal Strait, many head around the island to the west instead before turning north. Unfortunately, this heading sends ships on a direct course toward Siamoy, and at least three ships have run aground on the atoll. Turlona has announced a plan to build an automated lighthouse on Siamoy, but construction has yet to begin.