The Shallow Sea is a body of water west of the Attamat Islands that lies over a series of submerged carbonate platforms. While there are no permanent islands in the Shallow Sea, during low tides a number of small sandy cays become exposed, making navigation through the sea difficult. Two channels, known as the Western Passage and the Eastern Passage, run across the sea providing safe navigation.


The waters of the Shallow Sea are generally no deeper than about 80 feet. The slopes around them and along the sides of the Western and Eastern Passage, however, are very steep. Much of the sea is believed to have been dry land in the not-too-distant past. When they were exposed to the atmosphere, their limestones were subjected to chemical weathering that created the caves and sinkholes common to karst terrain, resulting in structures like blue holes.


The Shallow Sea is a much-feared region where hundreds of vessels have disappeared - but not mysteriously, for everyone knows the legend of Francis Cole's fearsome band of raiders - how he stole a nest of Pterodactyl eggs from a research vessel bound back to Saldonia, then raised and bred them to give his band of cutthroats a way to take to the skies. The villanous Cole is said to have met his end at the hands of a would-be victim who turned out to be an expert marksman, but his son Matthew has proven just as merciless.

Though their violent ways are undeniable, some speculate that the actions Cole's Marauders are be driven by simple greed. There are men in the region who claim to have come from lost ships, and say that their vessels were lost not to men but to far stranger phenomena. And several pieces of archeological evidence uncovered within the past century have indicated that a long-lost secret may lie beneath the waves of the Shallow Sea: the mythical lost city of Xu.