Sed Kuhla
Sedavih Kuhla
Home Safrodaska
Gender female
Born 1528
Age in 1556 28
Languages Paumoki, Raumdari

Maupak Sedavih Kuhla, the ruler of Baunjil Sultanate in the Kaspari Empire, is a sly and snakelike woman. Around many a campfire in the wilderness, tales are told of an evil caliph whose mouth intones the prayers but whose heart is as black as ebony. Kuhla lives up to her own legend. Her father was one of the Emperor's lesser viziers, and her mother was a Paumoki shamaness of noble descent. The Maupak gained only the worst possible traits from both: the Byzantine politics of the court and the savage heritage of her mother. It has been said that her father was a member of the Inferno Cabal.

The Maupak was born in Safrodaska, a fact which, in the eyes of natives, places her above many other rulers who are imported from far-off courts. Powerful and harsh, the Maupak has put down rebellions with little more than a word (and the help of a few elite mamluk units). The poor of Safrodaska fear her, but they also see her as a force who can oppose the foreign, moneyed classes. The wealthy, on the other hand, despise her, yet they tolerate the Maupak, for they desperately need her army and her ability to command the common people.

Kuhla's dark reputation is justly deserved, for she has an evil, utterly self-serving personality. Knowing that her reign is largely dependent upon the rich elite who despise her, she assigns her own agents to foment anger and hatred among the impoverished natives, who vent their rage upon the privileged nobles. Fearful of an uprising that they feel only the Maupak can control, the nobles remain her reluctant allies.