Samail Ghaani
Samail Ghaani
Home Akmahar
Gender male
Born 1522
Age in 1556 34
Languages Raumdari

Holy Regent Samail Ghaani is the Grand Vizier and Regent of Haiz Sultanate in the Kaspari Empire. After the death of the previous Sultan, and the death of all of his successors save Prince Yuraan Kamai, Ghaani spirited the little Prince Yuraan away to safety. Persuaded by the threat of a lopsided battle and a cry of public support for the prince, the surviving factional leaders recognized Prince Yuraan as heir to the throne, and recognized the priest Ghaani as the boy's regent and vizier.

Ghaani has proved a cagey and wise ruler, though he spends most of his time turning one potential group of troublemakers against another. His information gathering service is first class, aided by the churches, who prefer that their followers refrain from killing each other over temporal power. Ghaani is also aided by wealth, as he owns several productive gemstone mines in the wilderness inland of Akmahar.