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The Sabo Jungles is a vast region of rainforests situated between the deserts of the Kaspari Empire and the grasslands of the Veldt. A great deal of this region is unexplored, but many brave adventurers lead expeditions into the rainforests in search of legendary cities of gold, medicinal plants, and pockets of lift gasses. Needless to say, the dense foliage, quicksand, carnivorous beasts, volcanic activity, and other dangers make these adventures extremely dangerous.

The Sabo Jungles' dangers and potential riches stoke the dreams of pirates, merchants, scholars and kings, while its interiors flourish with exotic wildlife, the ruins of lost civilizations, and the skeletons of untold would-be explorers. Like any true rainforest, the Sabo Jungles possess an extensive river system, and the frequent rainfall has swelled the rivers and expanded their associated swamps, making direct routes through the jungle next to impossible. The jungle’s interior remains poorly mapped by outside explorers, and even in those areas for which maps do exist, many landmarks lack cartographic detail or simply don’t appear on the maps at all, having been missed due to the jungle’s obscuring growth.


The most important colony in the Sabo Jungles is Guteng, which belongs to Turlona - the Gas Scrub of Guteng's interior provides the world's only known reserves of lift gasses, which are the driving force behind Turlona's advanced airship fleet. Other colonial powers have established small colonies in the jungles as well, but they have not yet discovered any other pockets of lift gasses. The colonies of the Sabo Jungles include: