Latitude 40°19'S
Longitude 0°57'W
Population 3,327,850

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Norrilund is the capital of and largest city in Barlovia.

Wielders of Power Edit

The High Lords Edit

Norrilund is officially ruled by Lord Governor Benjamin Burroughs-Cross, but much of the true power is in the hands of the four high lords of the undercity: Queen Helen's smiling friend Lord Fairleigh (Lewison Ghostwhite), the newest fiery contender Lord Mims (Jonathan Kilbride), the cold-blooded friend of the upper class Lord Ravensdale (Alastair Stanton), and the black-hearted old man Lord Coldbridge (Zachariah Coldbridge).

Districts of Norrilund Edit

Name Area (sq. miles) Population Description
Ainsword 4.66 271,960 An industrial district based around numerous factories and railyards.
Ammaston 4.29 62,100 Extensive gardens and the finest housing in all of Norrilund.
Artsfield 4.88 207,930 The halls of government and the queen's palace, and the estates of important nobles.
Barronsford 2.46 107,990 A district based around large trade yards and marketplaces.
Braddall 1.44 89,120 A bohemian district home to artists, poets, and writers.
Browlesdon 5.15 22,100 A suburban district known for its large parklands and bucolic character.
Carding 4.67 244,730 A middle-class district known for producing engineers, alchemists, and tinkerers.
Deasley 2.60 71,570 A center for debauchery, gambling, and prostitution.
Gentswell 3.88 107,870 A slum that is home to a large immigrant community, especially from Dalkhrova.
Grover Fens 1.27 99,170 A district with a lot of open spaces, and a large population of soliders and military men.
Hawkenbury 5.22 78,210 The center for agricultural trade in Norrilund. Known for fairs and circuses.
Hertsley 2.13 25,360 An industrial district based around waterworks, reservoirs, and pumping stations.
Hutton 1.89 162,640 Middle-class businesses along the main streets, but a crime-ridden slum in the back alleys.
Inwalls 1.53 142,310 The old city, surrounded by walls, is filled with important businesses and governmental establishments. Inwalls is "Downtown" Norrilund.
Ivins 6.00 111,140 The university district, with a large population of students and intellectuals.
Leesward 2.25 168,360 A middle-class district that is the center of the city watch, with several prisons.
Leswick 1.38 61,700 A factory district, centered around a few important trade markets.
Lingeheath 3.69 118,500 A quiet district known for its many cemeteries and hospitals.
Mansfield 1.33 90,940 Norrilund's theatre district.
Marlingstone 3.53 134,890 A district of comfortable but unremarkable housing.
Oakes 4.19 99,730 A district of low-rent tenement housing and ethnic slums.
Sangwick 4.26 82,290 A district of parkland and the homes of well-off businessmen.
Severley 0.98 84,250 A district of numerous entertainment venues, inns, and taverns.
Sharrondsley 5.31 121,810 An industrial quarter known for breweries, tanneries, and terrible odors.
Ship Point 0.80 33,470 Norrilund's harbor district and home to dockyards and shipbuilders.
Taviss 2.79 127,490 A low-rent district known for its dueling grounds, fights, and bear-baiting entertainments.
The Chuff 1.35 149,940 Norrilund's most notorious and convoluted slum.
Tighsley 1.31 91,030 An overcrowded and very poor district, known for its many political dissidents and anarchists.
Walsing 2.43 159,250 Formerly a resort area, Walsing is now an industrial slum.