Nate Dempsey
Home Sawhorse
Gender male
Born 1500
Age in 1556 56
Languages Hallandic
Judge Nate Dempsey is arguably one of the most colorful characters on Saldonia's frontier. Born in Tanosi in 1500, he began life on his own as a small-time criminal, but after an arrest and a subsequent jailbreak, he decided to turn his talents to more profitable, less dangerous pursuits. He set himself up a saloon in Sawhorse in the 1550s, and it was there that people first began bringing complaints for him to hear.

As the nearest real courthouse was in Junction City, some 200 miles away, people came (or were brought) from all around to be called up for judgement before Judge Nate Dempsey. Dempsey's qualifications for this post were his quick thinking and common sense. He had no real training in the law. He still, in fact, has not been appointed as an honest-to-goodness Justice of the Peace by the Governor of Delcova Territory.


Once, when searching a dead man for clues, Dempsey found thirty dollars and a gun. He promptly fined the dead man thirty dollars for carrying a concealed weapon.

When a man was brought before him for murdering a Hazisi railroad worker, several of the man's friends made it quite clear to Dempsey how bad a conviction would be for the Judge's health. Dempsey flipped through his law book for a few solemn minutes and then announced that he could find no law specifically prohibiting the killing of a Hazisi. And before he dismissed the case, Dempsey announced that the drinks were all on the suspect's friends.