Lupa Mar
Capital Ensala
Area 188,080 square miles
Government Territory of Aveir
Ruler Territorial Governor Juan Alvedez, Uzali Queen Kinah Amba
Population 1,553,900

Inhabitants of Lupa Mar
Locations in Lupa Mar
Organizations in Lupa Mar
Settlements in Lupa Mar

Lupa Mar is a territory of Aveir located in the far southeast of the Veldt, just north of the Sabo Jungles. It is bounded by the Zawamba River on the north, the Rombakwe River on the south, and the Miyasa Mountains to the west. The landscape of Lupa Mar is a transition from jungles in the south to arid plains in the north, and mostly features open grasslands and savanna with scattered miombo forest.

The most striking feature of Lupa society is its arrangement of gender roles. In Lupa Mar, women hold political office, wage war, run businesses, and tend to nursing children. Conversely, men are expected to farm, herd, care for the home, and raise weaned children; or instead become priests, artisans, or scholars. Indeed, the elite female warriors of Lupa Mar, known as the Uzali, are the most feared fighting force in all of the Veldt.

Lupa society is very old, and filled with ancient traditions and proud people. Since the colonization of the empire by Aveir, however, the people of this land seem to have lost hope in their future.

The hereditary queen of the Lupa, Kinah Amba, has suggested that Lupa Mar must throw off its colonial oppressors to halt its decline. Amba's more militant followers have called for a war to reclaim the territory from the "squatters" that currently inhabit it. So far, no moves have been made, but action is expected soon.