Jamar Buraan
Jamar Buraan
Home Buzaym
Gender male
Born 1507
Age in 1556 49
Languages Raumdari

Jamar Buraan, Sultan of Bazai, is a well-meaning but insulated ruler. His main concern appears to be writing his memoirs. Buraan often cloisters himself with his favored scribes, writing (and rewriting) his past exploits as a young warrior, dwelling on those blithe days before he took his father's place as Sultan. Buraan delegates most of his responsibility to his chief vizier, Kasir Omlayah, whom he trusts above all. The Sultan has three beautiful daughters - Sajmi, Zahla, and Jahyan - triplets who are approaching the age of majority. While the Sultan appears to care for them, the depth of his devotion has never been tested.