Area 8,353 sq. miles
Exports Sugar, Orchil
Fomal is the second-largest island in the Turlonan colony of Bianni, in the Attamat Islands.


Fomal is a volcanic island that is marked by numerous rifts and ridges running roughly in a northwest-southeast alignment. On the western end of the island is a volcanic crater and caldera, with various cones, deposits of pumice, lava domes and maars. Hot springs are common on the island as well. Forests of laurisilva grow in abundance on Fomal's rocky slopes.


Owing to the predominance of volcanic cones and craters in the interior, settlement has developed primarily along the coastal plain. In addition, there are several small settlements that have developed within ancient craters, river valleys, and coastal deltas. Regardless, these settlements are largely agrarian and concentrated around the parish churches and the many fertile parcels of land. The communities are largely isolated throughout the year, owing to the greater distances and rough landscape of the island. The largest settlement on Fomal is the city of Vanitas, which lies at the head of a large and well-protected harbor that lies in an ancient volcanic caldera.


The economy of Fomal is based around the export of sugar and orchil. In addition, Turlonan military garrisons dot the coast, and trade with Turlonan colonies in the Veldt (especially the Pashele Coast) often uses Fomal as a convenient stopover point.