Faulak Vihar
Faulak Vihar
Home Safrodaska
Gender male
Born 1519
Age in 1556 37
Languages Paumoki

Faulak Vihar is the leading (and it has seemed for some time, the only) supporter of Sedavih Kuhla, the Maupak and Sultan of Baunjil Sultanate in the Kaspari Empire. Hot-tempered and intense, Vihar commands the Sultanate's armed forces. His popularity among the poorer inhabitants of the Sultanate far surpasses that of the Maupak herself (not a difficult feat). In fact, Vihar is viewed as a local hero - a hero who cuts down illegal tomb-robbers, strikes out against the sanctioned thieves of the Sultanate of Ejor, and strives to exterminate all those who plunder the heritage of Baunjil. Vihar wishes that all foreigners would leave Safrodaska - and his "country" of Baunjil - in peace, allowing it to develop into a power in its own right.

Vihar is much loved by the people. However, his charming public persona conceals a heart as black as the Maupak's. The opportunistic Vihar has courted alliances with the Gathering Winds fellowship and the Inferno Cabal, both of which have now established small bases of operations in the city's catacombs. Recently, Vihar has been courting the cult of Ushmawe. As a result of his frightening contacts, Vihar can be a extremely dangerous man to cross.