Emmet Harrow
Aliases "Professor"
Home New Lyeford
Gender male
Born 1511
Age in 1556 45
Languages Hallandic

Emmet "Professor" Harrow is one of the leaders of the Gaslamp Gang in New Lyeford. Harrow was a boxer in his youth, but retired to work as an enforcer for the The Gaslamp Gang. While entirely self-educated, he is widely regarded as well read, though he effects a more "Barlovian" persona than Ronnie Vacolo. He is fond of intellectual jokes and is said to have offered not to rip a man's tongue out with a pair of pliers if he could correctly conjugate the verb "abide." It is said that his victim failed this test, which led Harrow to suggest that he should "Abide with the fishes."

Whether he is any educational wonder or not, Harrow has been an excellent organizer and administrator, and maintained the Gaslamp Gang as the muscular arm of Norfolk Manor. Like most of the gang he resents the "end run" that has led to the Five Corners Gang having high connections to the aristocracy, and tensions between the Gaslamp Gang and the Five Corners seethe.