Latitude 22°46'S
Longitude 29°52'E
Population 178,300
Religions Karaslaa
Languages Kaspilan

Darhai, the capital of the Sultanate of il-Rahm in the extreme southwest of the Kaspari Empire, is built on seven hills. It continues to grow outwards as large numbers of rural migrants move in. Many of them have heard the phrase, "this city’s hills and pebbles are made from gold," but the reality is different for most people.

In Darhai, the ancient meets the modern in a relatively small area. The Samail River cuts through the center of the city and neatly divides it into two quite different neighborhoods. The south bank has preserved most of its historical beauty but the north bank is very different, home to the heart of the modern economy. But interestingly it seems that the newer buildings in the northern part of the city suffer most in the earthquakes that strike near Darhai constantly.

In the last 25 years the city's economy has expanded greatly as its population swelled with skilled workers from both Dalkhrova and the rural parts of the il-Rahm Sultanate. The rapidly expanding economy has led to inflation, which the Sultan has so far failed to adequately deal with. The higher costs of living and the job situation have led to a rise in crime. An infernal device exploded within the city council building in the fall of 1553, which seemingly added a new dimension to crime. Many people saw this act of terrorism as a 'one-off', but recently, more bombs went off three days in a row. A lot of citizens are angry and blame the immigrants from Qustari.

Public transport in Darhai is a nightmare. Railways are nonexistant, streets are narrow and crowded, and the two major bridges are often clogged with traffic. Refuse and waste in the streets are big problems here. When the winter storms come, life grinds to a halt. During hailstorms, people can become stranded on one side of the city because the ferries cannot operate.

In the evenings, the city comes to life in the many nightclubs and tavernas. Famous musicians and artists perform open-air concerts in one of the castles during the summer. And you will never go hungry here – restaurants and cafés cater for every budget. Floating restaurants sell barbecued or fried fish at half the price.