Dancing Dolphin City
Latitude 3°19'S
Longitude 22°55'W
Ruler Queen Mariah
Population 1,000

Inhabitants of Dancing Dolphin City

Dancing Dolphin City is a town located in a harbor on the coast of Turnback Island in the Attamat Islands. The town is made up of a large number of intentionally shipwrecked vessels that have been secured together and are anchored to the bottom of the cove. The name "Dancing Dolphin" refers to the very first vessel to be anchored in the cove, more than 60 years prior. Since that time, pirates of all types have scuttled ships in the small cove, making it more and more impervious to attack. The town is used as a port of refuge by many pirates, and it is considered neutral ground between the various pirate fleets. Therefore, it is often a setting for meetings between the captains and admirals of fleets who are in conflict.

The town is run by Queen Mariah, herself an infamous pirate captain. The fleets of Aveir have attempted to attack the port on numerous occasions, but the city is heavily armed and the cove is guarded by a narrow and easily defensible strait.