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Dalkhrova is a land made up of a patchwork of over 100 tiny kingdoms, baronies, and other landholdings. Most wealthy landowners are lords over a few hundred serfs and perhaps a village or two. The lords of the largest territories usually control a population of no more than 20 or 30 thousand. Most of the cities and large towns of Dalkhrova are not controlled by any king or lord, instead being ruled by a cabal of wealthy merchants and businessmen.


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A good portion of Dalkhrova's lords and barons are hobby inventors. Unlike the scientists of Barlovia and the other colonial powers, there is no organization of Dalkhrovan scientists. These inventors tend to competition, and cooperation between Dalkhrovan inventors is almost unheard of. Needless to say, some of these inventors tend to the macabre, attempting experiments that would be disallowed by the civilized scientific societies such as creating life, raising the dead, and contructing doomsday devices. Some of the lords of Dalkhrova are also known to be Vampires; many more are assumed to be.

For the great majority of people, life is spent in poverty and squalor, working sunrise to sunset in servitude to their lord. While technologies have been invented to make their lives easier and more productive, seldom are these technologies found too far from their place of invention.