Crimson Carl Winters
Carl Winters
Aliases Crimson Carl
Home Attamat Islands
Gender male
Born 1522
Age in 1556 34

"Crimson" Carl Winters, a former privateer of the Barlovian Navy, is one of the most feared pirates of the Attamat Islands. Finding himself unemployed amidst the thriving pirate haven of Port Providence, Winters became a protége of the pirate chieftain Nibs Churchill and soon distinguished himself as a charismatic pirate leader. In 1551, Churchill gave the newly nicknamed "Crimson" command of a Coreunean slave ship captured near Tavaran, which he rearmed with 40 guns, renamed Vengeance, and sailed out on his own account.

Winters is a fearsome sight with an outrageously long bushy red beard braided with colorful ribbons that cover most of his face and chest. He is a huge bear of a man with bulging alcohol-induced red-veined eyes and a snarl to match. When battle calls, he becomes a walking arsenal, as his technicians have affixed a gatling gun to his left forearm. Winters also wears a shoulder sling holstering three pairs of pistols, with a blood-stained cutlass and dagger inserted in his wide belt, and performs the most unusual procedure of placing slow-burning matches under his hat. This ghostly smoke encircling his head terrifies his prey, who think the devil himself is attacking them and usually surrender without a fight. Winters rarely kills his captives or burns their ships. Usually his crew relieves them of their valuables and cargo and sets them free. However, if the slightest resistance is initiated, Winters teaches them (and all who hear the tale) a lesson. In one case, when a victim refused to remove a diamond ring, Winters got it by removing the finger first.