Latitude 23°23'S
Longitude 34°52'E
Founded 1423
Ruler Sultan Jamar Buraan
Population 86,300
Religions Karaslaa
Languages Raumdari
Exports Trade, livestock, slaves, durable goods

Inhabitants of Buzaym

Buzaym is a city located in the western part of the desert known as the Dulqa, in the Kaspari Empire. The city is perched on a lonely at the end of the Jaban Bazai plateau. It is the capital of the Sultanate of Bazai. With the onset of spring, seasonal downpours turn the plain below the bluff into a surging, muddy torrent that washes silt into the low lands. Within a month, the rains subside and the arid waste quickly returns.

Despite its isolation, Buzaym is a bustling little city, serving as a chief trading post between the settlements of the Pogardi Mountains and the desert-dwellers of the Dulqa. Both city and wilderness people mingle on the streets. Many of Buzaym's merchants have relatives among the desert tribes.

Buzaym's sultan, Jamar Buraan, is permissive, allowing all activity that does not bring disgrace upon his wise and beneficent rule. An underground slave trade thrives here, and Buzaym is a stopping place for caravans en route to Durqand. Similarly, adventurers and would-be heroes use the city as a starting place for expeditions into the Dulqa, where many a man and woman has perished in the search for legendary riches.

As a group, the people of Buzaym are known for their haggling skill and sharp-witted dealing. "Never give what can be sold" is their motto, and that applies to favors and information as well as camels and figs.