Latitude 14°27'S
Longitude 37°49'E
Founded 1261
Population 155,300
Religions Karaslaa, Balniqosi
Languages Raumdari
Exports Trade, pottery, coffee

Inhabitants of Beynoq

Beynoq is the capital of the Sultanate of Bey in the Kaspari Empire. It lies on a harbor on the northern coast of Jerez Bay.

Red is the unofficial color of Beynoq. Fashionable men wear red fezzes and, to a lesser extent, red turbans. Many also wear red sashes at the waist. The women of Beynoq don a riot of red shades in their gowns, shirts, and pants, accented with black and white. As the residents mill through Beynoq's Grand Bazaar, they form a wavering, flickering red mass, after which the bazaar has been dubbed "the Hearth."

Some folk have another name for this city: Beynoq the Lapdog. Beynoq is closely scrutinized by the powerful mamluks from Zahivan. It is said that Beynoq's Sultan won't even comment on the weather without first checking with Zahivan. Zahivan's mamluks maintain a strong presence in Beynoq. While this adds to the city's protection, it also severely limits its autonomy.

Two rumors are regularly afloat in the city of Beynoq. Both concern its relationship with Zahivan. According to the first rumor, Zahivan's mamluks will soon drop all pretense and take full control, deposing Beynoq's timid Sultan and creating a rulership of slave-soldiers in his stead. Then Beynoq would serve as Zahivan's forward base in dealing with other northern cities (such as Hauzedi and Semaj) and the native tribes of the north.

The second rumor that appears regularly is as follows: The people of Beynoq - with the support of Olhun, Fariniah, and factions from other cities - will rise up and overthrow the present government and cast out the mamluks. Such an uprising is not likely, considering the profitable trade that Beynoq has with Zahivan. But the rumor has gained new life with talk of a leader who claims to be the unrecognized son of Beynoq's Sultan. This mysterious son is allegedly hidden away, much as the father, waiting for the uprising. The mamluks are interested in locating this missing prince before such an event might occur.

There are a huge number of worshippers of Balniqos in the city, all of whom live in fear of being discovered and killed as terrorists. The oppression has driven the followers into secret, such that they identify themselves with secret gestures and code words. There are those who fight against the yoke of this oppression and persecution. These individuals regularly conduct raids against the Conclave's troops and loyal individuals. A trader who apparently sides with the Conclave is in danger of being kidnapped and/or murdered in the name of the rebellion.

The old temple of Balniqos was destroyed and a market erected on its location. Rumors have surfaced telling of secret chambers still intact beneath this market, containing relics which can be used by the Balniqosi as a rallying point for their rebellion.