Basu Khosari
Capital Sally Bay
Area 583,340 square miles
Government Colony of Barlovia
Population 283,650

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Basu Khosari is a colony of Barlovia located on the northern coast of the Veldt. The capital and largest city, Sally Bay (known by natives as Yandurije) is located on the narrow coastal plain. Aside from a few small native villages, it is the only settlement on the dry and rocky coast. Just inland from the coast, the Karoundela Mountains divide the colony in two.

South of the mountains is a plateau region featuring sandy deserts, rocky plateaux, and a few fertile river valleys. One of these rivers, the Basuto, actually flows south, deep into the desert, where it ends in a marshy inland delta. The main settlements in the south half of the colony are Fort Roberts and Dindari Falls, which were both colonized as frontier posts from the neighboring colony of Tanyaka. Much of Basu Khosari is unexplored wastes; Barlovian adventurers have only so far explored the north coast and the valley of the Dindari River which forms the colony's southern border.