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The Attamat Islands is a chain of large jungle-covered islands running completely across the sea between the two continents. The islands and their dangers are a great obstacle to seafaring vessles.


The Attamat Islands are made up of eleven large islands and numerous chains of medium-sized and smaller islands. In addition, coral reefs run throughout the chain, making navigation treacherous. Numerous active volcanoes mark the islands in the far east and northwestern parts of the chain, while murky swamps and mangrove marshes are common on the other isles. Throughout the chain, heavy rainfall leads to extremely thick vegetation, although some of the islands in the far south feature more scrubby vegetation.

Colonization of the AttamatsEdit

Every one of the islands in the Attamat Chain has been colonized by one of the colonial powers. While Barlovia, Coreune, Hallandy, and Turlona each claim a handful of islands, Aveir holds the vast majority of the chain. Aveir has also been able to extract tributes from trading vessels passing through the many straits they command.

Control of the islands has passed between the five colonial powers for a long period now. Many of the islands have changed hands numerous times; the most powerful navy usually controls most of the islands. In the past, that was Barlovia -- many of the placenames are Hallandic, reflecting this. But as Barlovia moved their manpower away from their navy and into their colonies in Saldonia and the Veldt, they ceded control of the islands to the other powers. Turlona was the next dominant navy, but their naval power waned as their airship fleet became more powerful.

Aveir is the dominant naval power today, leading to their dominance over the Attamat Islands. But with the decline of the slave trade, control of these islands means less and less, and nowadays the most powerful forces in the Attamat Islands are the various pirate fleets.


Colonies in the Attamat Islands include:


Most pirate fleets in the Attamat Islands began with the groups of settlers, mostly Barlovian, Turlonan, or Coreunean, who were marooned or shipwrecked. These castaways would set up smokey fires and boucans with prepared meat of marooned cattle, causing ships to draw near for trading, at which time the buccaneers could seize the ship. Many of the buccaneers were later chased off the island by colonial powers and had to seek a life at sea. There they created lucrative but illegitimate opportunities for common seamen to attack merchant ships (especially Aveiran fleets) and seize their valuable cargo. Piracy is sometimes given "legal" status by colonial powers, especially Coreune, in the hope of weakening the sea trade of their rivals. This "legal" form of piracy is known as privateering.