Antonia Zhenyatova
Antonia Zhenyatova
Home Vulkhograd
Gender female
Born 1527
Age in 1556 29
Languages Dalkhrovan

Antonia Zhenyatova is a scientist from Dalkhrova, and is the world's leading authority on galvanism.

Early LifeEdit

Antonia's father was the Baron of Vulkhograd, a small town in central Dalkhrova. When she was eleven years old, Antonia was sent away to visit her maternal grandmother in a nearby town. While away, her parents were stricken ill and died. As Antonia was an only child, upon her return to Vulkhograd she became Baroness and inherited her father's extensive library of alchemical volumes. She became something of a recluse, refusing to visit her friends or family, and the extreme isolation she subjected herself to slowly drove her mad.


As a young woman, Antonia studied her father's alchemical library and proved to be something of a prodigy. She became obsessed with the idea of creating life in inanimate matter through artificial means. Her desire to achieve these ends eventually overcame her anthropophobia and at the age of 17 she enrolled in the University of the Savants in Aveir. She honed her skills there, but dropped out before earning a degree; she returned home to Vulkhograd and once again shut herself off from the rest of the world. Nevertheless, professors from the university would sometimes call on her to assist with their research. She would never talk to these other scientists, but she would correspond with them in writing.


While experimenting with the dissected corpses of animals, Antonia discovered that when stimulated by an electric current, certain muscles in the dead animal would contract. This process, known as galvanism, led Antonia to develop the theory that with the application of enough electricity to the brain, a dead body could be reawakened. She has been conducting experiments to test this theory, with mixed results, ever since. While she has not yet been able to awaken a dead person, she has had success in reviving birds, fish, and small mammals.