Latitude 18°26'S
Longitude 29°47'E
Founded 1279
Ruler Prince Yuraan Kamai

Holy Regent Samail Ghaani

Population 344,200
Religions Karaslaa
Languages Raumdari
Exports Clothing

Inhabitants of Akmahar

Akmahar is a port city located in Haiz Sultanate in the Kaspari Empire. No tourist's paradise, Akmahar is a dark, somber place whose residents favor black in their dress and their architecture. A recent bloody coup and the ongoing machinations of rival factions have left Akmahar's citizens suspicious and seemingly joyless toward strangers.

Akmahar's official color is black, both in clothing, tilework, and architecture. The granite stonework gives the city an oppressive, sinister feeling, which extends to the people as well. Not enough time has passed since the internal combat following the old Sultan's death, and all remember the bloody fighting. Intense loyalties are hidden beneath subterfuge, and no one is sure if a comrade would come to his or her aid in time of need. Suspicious and somber, the citizens of Akmahar give out information sparingly. The proximity of the rival city of Mashhain makes the people even more suspicious.